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Rules and Regulation

Rules and Regulations of the School

  • Students must be punctual to school during all working days. The school strongly recommends that parents are expected to make arrangements to send their wards well in time.

  • Students must carry School Diary every day. The Diary must be updated with complete information and photograph of child. In case of any damage caused by the student to the school property, parents will be liable to pay for the replacement or repair.

  • School management reserves the right to suspend/expel students for indiscipline, unethical conduct and breach of rules and regulations of the school.

  • Students must get all notes/circulars signed by their parentslguardians and return them to the class teacher in the specified time period. For parents, Entry without parent's I card is strictly prohibited in the school premises.

  • Students are strictly advised not to carry mobile phones/valuable items to school in any circumstances. Parents too are requested to switch off their mobile phones visit to the school campus especially within the school hours.

  • Parents/guardians are advised not to visit their wards or teachers in their classrooms. They are required to have a prior permission/appointment to visit on meet anyone in school. They are requested to behave politely with whole school staff and abide by the school rules and regulations. It is mandatory for the parents to attend their wards PTM which will be informed well in advance. Arriving late to school is not at all acceptable.

  • Students found to have come late for more than three days in a month will not be allowed to attend classes and disciplinary action shall be taken against them. Half day or early leaves will not be granted unless any emergency.

  • Once in the school premises, student entered then he/she must attend all classes and will not be allowed to leave the premises either during school hours as it hampers the teaching - learning process.

  • Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The School uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions and visits/picnics. Hair must be oiled daily and girls needs to have two plaits with black ribbon.

  • Student's code of conduct should not invite criticism within or outside the school. Objectionable behavior either within or outside the school is subject to strict disciplinary action. Any change in address or telephone numbers should be informed in school office immediately

  • The school managements reserves all the rights to change school timings and other related norms.

  • Gradually there may be rise in school fees in future and we expect highly cooperation from our parents in accepting that.

  • To meet the Principal, Teachers or School Management, a prior appointment needs to be taken by calling the school's Front Desk Executive.

  • A minimum of 90% attendance is required for promotion to next class. In case of illness or absence for more than three days or more, written leave application or doctor's medical certificate must be submitted to the class teacher when their child resumes school.

  • The students are grouped under 4 houses. The names of the houses are chosen keeping in mind the National Integrity wanted people to lay the foundation of Nationalism.