Learn Today Lead tommorrow

Our Founders

Message from Founder of School

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is our endeavour to build not only a school but an institution for development of a child by adopting teaching methodologies which shall be student centric and evolving with time.

The school is not only committed to impart education to students by conventional means but also develop a character imbibing various core values like courage, integrity, empathy, equality, confidence, dedication, spirituality and honesty and thus mould today’s child to a responsible and successful global citizen and leader of tomorrow.

MGS provides ample opportunities to its pupils for their all-round development.  The school shall work with every child to identify their inner strengths and help them to grow in the field of their interest which will bring confidence, self-esteem and channelize their energy to live a successful life.

Our school will carefully nurture each student and prepare them to face challenges of the competitive world. We make conscious efforts to ignite minds and to nurture in the students a love of learning and continuous development by making the process an enjoyable experience.

The marks and percentage do not represent the true capability of a child and we believe that one examination is not enough to make or break the future of a child. The emphasis shall be on learning, engagement, involvement, discussion, expression and understanding of concepts and connect it to real life examples.  The assessment of the child shall be based on the understanding of the concepts and not merely on memorizing without understanding. For holistic development of the child it is necessary to involve them in the activities beyond the board in the form of tests, quizzes, public speaking, stage performance, outdoor activities, sports and tasks involving team work. The activity based learning will help the child to not only perform better in the exams but make them fearless of failures.

We are fully conscious of the great and sacred responsibilities of human engineering that we are entrusted with. It is not only our vision but mission to ensure that the child inculcates the habit of positive thinking and deep desire to create their own path, become leaders and pioneers in their chosen field. 

Nayana Thummar

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts, from Gujarat College, and LLB from L A Shah College, Ahmedabad. She is passionate about education and has been involved in managing schools from a very young age. She has delivered lectures on education for girls and debated on current topics at various platforms. While staying abroad, she studied the different types of schooling systems, methods and parental involvement in children's development.

In India, she continued working on areas concerning education & parenting and has attended conferences and workshops for in-depth knowledge on the subject. She has continued work for parenting & relationship counselling freelance at free of cost. As a parent she has been actively involved with children & school systems and her dream of building a school is being surfaced out. The spark of determination and empathy is writ large on a serene visage that keeps her focused on the objective of imparting knowledge for a sustainable future.

Shreya Thummar

She is a young educator pursuing IB Diploma programme. She has steered the formidable task of taking forward the vision in imparting quality education with compassion. She has had a very successful journey of learning internationally, and achieved many successes in the path like visiting the NASA space centre, representing and chairing the National Model United Nations Conclave, actively participating in Student Led Parliament (SLP) programs. She is also working on the stat up of an SLP in Surat.