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Music and Theater

"They teach you that there is a boundary line to music…but how can there be a limit to an art?"

One famous musician said these same words many years back. Today, our daily lives are filled with limitations and rules. One place, probably one place in the entire universe, where there are no rules and regulations is in the world of music. Matrix Global wants students to be able to express their own ideas, to be able to live in their own world for some time, to be able to learn what kind of a person they really are from the inside. To do this, we provide a variety of instruments for the students to play with and be able to learn the power of sound and music in their lives. The Music Room is equipped with a set of Yamaha keyboards; each keyboard having two pairs of headphones so that students can work together without disturbing others. Students learn to find their way around the keyboard, learn to read simple music and perform in front of their classmates.