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Students and parents are reminded that skating is a skill that requires practice in order to advance to the next level. We offer several FREE practice sessions for our students in Matrix Global School.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball may be fun to play and great exercise, but basketball is also a contact sport. The game is longer, faster and more physical than anything you have experienced so far in your career.

Volley Ball

Matrix Global School provides opportunities for students to develop important personal, interpersonal & life skills as they work co-operatively within their learning environment in pursuit of individual & team goals.


In Matrix Global School, Student-athletes possess a host of personal characteristics, traits, & values that have helped them thrive athletically, including discipline, focus, commitment, high energy etc...


Cricket is a demanding sport that requires great technical skill and physical endurance. They become aware of the need to co-operate with others, using the best qualities of individual to contribute to the greater advantage of the whole group; the importance of time management; self-discipline and cooperation.

Sand Castle

A Sandcastle student grows to become a creative and self-reliant individual with leadership skills. The student then iscapable of pursuing whatever he/she dreams of. Children have played in sand by digging, sifting, building, pouring, and exploring throughout time, and they should be encouraged to continue this method of play.


Yoga is a good practice if one does in daily life. It helps to live healthy life style and better life forever. The ancient practice of yoga offers a multitude of benefits to modern-day students at almost every grade level. Yoga's combination of breath and movement can help alleviate social and academic stress.

Climbing Wall

A climbing wall will allow you to create a unique form of exercise, which, while emphasizing fun, will also help teach students about safety. Carefully considering and answering important questions will help you to make informed decisions as to the needs of your school and the abilities of students, staff,& resources.

Field Trip

Students will visit The Places related to the on going unit in the class. Field trips can be an important and enjoyable element of education. Facilitate the learning of abstract concepts. Taking students on a field trip makes learning more effective as they will be able to gain vast ideas on the topic.

Stepping Outside the Classroom

Student sit and discuss about current unit in any calm place or under the tree in school campus.Learning experiences outside the classroom are inherently interdisciplinary. And also, we encounter it as a whole and are forced to engage multiple modalities

Art Crafteria

Arts and crafts for kids are fun for children and the young-at-heart! These art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, potential puppeteers, and more. These aren't just arts and crafts for kids; they're fun for the whole family too!

Work Shop

Student develop their fine motor skills through the waste instruments. Students enjoy access to stations for working with wood, wood products, metal, plaster, glass and plastics, as well as facilities for casting, mould-making, sandblasting and spray finishing.